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Laundry & Linen

The appearance, softness and cleanliness of towels, bedding and table linens can make a big impact on overall guest satisfaction, so it is important to ensure your laundry practices deliver the best results. When linens are perceived as dingy, guests will often complain and it may impact their interest in becoming a repeat customer, so keep your linens clean, soft, bright & fresh for maximum guest satisfaction. P&G Professional offers manual-dosed laundry solutions and auto-dosed laundry systems to best serve your business needs.

The Ariel Professional System is the P&G Professional auto-dose laundry solution designed for the unmet laundry needs of care homes and lodgings. Our auto-dosing laundry solutions work with a pH neutral wash system, incorporating innovative whiteness and freshness technology to provide you with soft, clean and fresh linen. It also helps enhance the life time of your fabrics, which can translate to substantial savings. Impress your guests or make your residents feel more comfortable with outstanding cleaning whilst managing operational costs.

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MANUAL DOSE Common Tasks

A Fabric whiteness & Stain Removal

Keep fabrics bright and stain free, and delight guests with professional laundry products from P&G Professional.

» Ariel Laundry Detergent

B Fabric Softness & Freshness

Employees and Guests relate fabric softness and freshness to quality and experience. P&G Professional fabric conditioners wrap your guests in extra freshness* and extra softeness* (*vs Ariel detergent alone).

» Ariel with Febreze
» Lenor Fabric Softeners
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C Colour Care

Keep your fabric colour bright with P&G Professional laundry products designed to be gentle on colours to avoid dye transfer especially at warm temperature.

» Ariel Colour Laundry Detergent

D Sensitive Care

Leave your fabrics gentle next to skin. Make them huggably soft for sensitive skin with P&G Professional’s Fairy line of laundry detergent and fabric softeners.

» Fairy Fabric Softener

AUTO-DOSE Common Tasks

A Fabric Whiteness

The Ariel Professional System helps restore that ‘untouched whiteness’ to linen. Giving a luxury experience and an ultimate guarantee of clean. A special technology helps make items white like new again and helps keep whites looking bright cycle after cycle, when regularly washed with the rejuvenation and maintenance cycles.

B Fabric Freshness

Fabric freshness is something that guests notice. It is important that your fabrics are as fresh as they can be when guests arrive. The Lenor in the Ariel Professional System uses a technology that protects the freshness during tumble-drying so linen still smells fresh and creates a pleasant atmosphere when they reach the room.

C Fabric Softness

The texture and softness of fabrics reflect the quality of an establishment. Softness does not come from fabric conditioners alone but also from the care and protection given in the wash. The Ariel Professional System has a pH neutral wash which reduces calcium encrustations and helps fibres to remain fluffy, soft and smooth, cycle after cycle vs. previous system.

D Gentle Stain Removal on Coloured Items

Getting stains out of coloured tablecloths, napkins or bed linen is important to maintain a warm and luxurious atmosphere in your establishment. The challenge is to remove the stain without damaging fabrics and fading the colours. The Ariel Professional System uses an Advanced Bleach System that works at low temperature. This allows active stain removal in mild washing conditions whilst it helps maintain colour.

E Extended Linen Life

Linen life-time often relates to fibre strength. Harsh wash conditions of an Alkaline System can lead to fibre damage. The Ariel Professional System helps maintain high fibre strength. The pH neutral wash process helps prevent chemical fibre damage and helps avoid the formation of sharp water-hardness crystals, which also wear down the fibres.

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