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Linen Care

Linen Care

Quality linens are a significant investment and one of the first things your guests notice. Save money and create great guest experiences with soft, vibrant fabrics that look new and smell fresh. From manual-dosed to auto-dosed laundry solutions, P&G Professional’s laundry detergents and fabric conditioners help protect your linen investment while delighting your guests.

Ariel Professional System. 1 wash clean

What if you could tackle the hidden cost of rewash? The Ariel Professional System is the auto-dose laundry system by P&G Professional, from the makers of Ariel and Lenor. It delivers 1 wash results, so you can tackle costs associated with rewash which include staff time, energy, water, chemistry spending, and strain on linen.

» Manual Linen Care

Ariel Professional combines 5 core actions in one wash to deliver outstanding professional laundry results. View our catalog to see how Ariel Professional is the right laundry detergent for your business needs. Or view our full line of Laundry Detergents and Fabric Softeners

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If you use a washing machine:• Select the correct temperature and the wash program.• In general, use hot water for white and very dirty things, cold water for darker colors and warm water for colors that can "fade".• Do not overload the washing machine.If you wash by hand:• Wait for the complete dissolution of the powder in water before putting clothes in the washing solution.• To make the clothes have fe... Continue Reading
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Basic steps of the laundry operation: 1. Collecting soiled linens The room attendant should note heavily stained linen when they remove them from the guest room and keep them separate, so it will be noticed in the laundry for spotting/stain removal (and so it does not get washed with the other linens). For example, a way to mark linens needing special treatment is to store them inside a pillowcase. 2.... Continue Reading
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