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P&G Professional the business to business division of P&G. Providing professional cleaning solutions for over 6 generations.
About Us

About P&G Professional

P&G Professional is the Business to Business and Away from Home Division of Procter & Gamble (P&G), a global leader in the development, marketing and sales of Consumer brands.

The Evolution of P&G Professional

Restaurant Roadmap P&G has been a global leader in innovation for more than 175 years, with investment and commitment proudly made to Research & Development to innovate new products which meet our consumer needs. This experience and consumer understanding has helped us to develop effective cleaning productions for professional environments, including our new P&G Professional range.Click here to see our history in a nutshell!

Background and heritage

Procter &Gamble is one of the world’s leading consumer products companies. Guided by our Purpose, Values, and Principles, we provide billions of people around the world with branded products and services of superior quality and value. Our focus to improve lives, now and for generations to come.

P&G was founded in 1837 by James Gamble & William Procter as a small, family-run candle and soap business. Since then, P&G has a track record of innovation leadership that stretches back for decades.

P&G's portfolio of brands includes Pampers, Pantene, Olay, Hugo Boss, Fairy, Ariel, Lenor, Oral-B and many others. From beauty and health to home and beyond, P&G's brands make everyday just a little better for people all around the world.

Who we are

P&G Professional is the business to business division of Procter & Gamble that strategically focus on supplying hotels, restaurants, schools, care homes, building cleaning services, and many other businesses with P&G products specifically tailored for professional and away from home cleaning needs.

At P&G Professional we build on the company’s success in the retail business. We leverage Procter & Gamble's outstanding and deep experience in product innovation, research and cleaning technology for use in professional and away from home settings.

We start by seeking to truly understand professional consumer needs. We then design and optimize products, focusing on making sure they simplify cleaning tasks while providing outstanding performance, value, safety and sustainability. Beyond the products, we seek to innovate in providing the right packaging and technical support.

Whether you run a busy hotel or restaurant, or provide cleaning and maintenance services to industry and commerce, our products can help you provide a clean and safe environment wherever people work, eat, shop or stay.

Our Purpose, Values, Principles

Taken together, our Purpose, Values and Principles are the foundation for P&G's unique culture.
Throughout our 170 year history, these elements have consistently endured, and will continue to be passed down to generations of P&G personnel to come.

Our Purpose: We exist to help businesses thrive.
We want to improve the lives of the world's consumers - when they are away from home - by providing branded products and services of superior performance, quality and value to the businesses that serve them.

Our Values reflect the behaviors that shape the tone of how we work with each other and with our partners, each day, now and for generations to come.

And Our Principles articulate P&G's unique approach to conducting work every day.

Professional Solutions tailored to your business needs

P&G Professional serves many industries, providing professional consumers with trusted brands and solutions:

Food Service
Our range of products includes:

  • Kitchen surfaces cleaners
  • Dish cleaners
  • Surface cleaners

Lodging & Care Homes
Our range of products includes:

  • Kitchen surfaces cleaners
  • Dish cleaners
  • Surface cleaners
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Professional automatic laundry system
  • Manual laundry solutions

Building Service Cleaners
Our range of products includes:

  • Janitorial supplies
  • Surface cleaners
  • Professional automatic laundry system
  • Manual laundry solutions

Our services and other offerings include

  • Concentrates and automatic dilution control
  • Best practices, procedures, training and troubleshooting
  • Installation and programming of laundry room cycles for all types of commercial washer
  • Product consumption benchmarking to spot overuse and underuse

Branded P&G retail solutions for away from home consumers

Today, many workplaces, educational establishments and even hotels resemble ‘small communities.’ They have kiosks, snack bars, dining rooms, gyms, small retail stores and vending machines all targeted towards convenience purchases. Wherever these places may be, we provide a wide range of retail brands for all situations. These include health, beauty, grooming, laundry, and home care products.

How to learn more about PGP

For information, advice and support on any of our products, or to find the closest P&G Professional distributor, please contact the Procter & Gamble Professional Customer Careline:
freephone on 0800 716 854
or send us an e-mail at

We also provide a wide range of cleaning and laundry products in physical outlets that cater to small businesses, such as Cash & Carry (COSTCO, METRO, BOOKER etc.), Club, and Home Improvement. Click on our Buy It Now section for immediate purchase.