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    » FREE industry e-booklets available for hotels, restaurant and care homes

    To celebrate the launch of the P&G Professional specialist cleaning solution for direct distribution, you can now take advantage of the FREE industry advice e-booklets. These are packed with handy and insightful tips, so download your free copy now!

    » Are your customers satisfied with the levels of cleanliness in your business?

    93% of customers believe businesses fail to meet expectations by not disinfecting every day – WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT IT? With numerous high profile incidents linked to virus outbreaks in top establishments, closing this expectation gap has never been so critical – for businesses of all sizes.

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    Register now for your FREE membership and join a community of hospitality professionals, innovators, and experts who share best practice tips and videos on how to make every experience count. Learn how to be more efficient, save costs and better promote your business. As a member you’ll also enjoy exclusive money-off coupons and free samples from P&G Professional.

    » Our Commitment to Sustainability

    At P&G Professional, delivering sustainable solutions is an everyday responsibility. Learn more how our products can provide safe and sustainable cleaning for your business.

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    P&G Professional is the Business to Business and Away from Home Division of Procter & Gamble (P&G). Learn more about who we are.